Christopher van der Kleed, associate creative director


van der Kleed,
senior art director


John Deere ‘22

Real people in John Deere ads isn’t new. Them delivering lines is. 

We went to 7 locations around the country to capture real Deere owners working their land. As they worked, they channeled their inner Meryl Streep while improvising a few lines of their own. Then we cut it together to create seamless handoffs to show that while the work may be different, the goal is always to make the most of your land.

We shot with vintage anamorphic Panavision lenses, which was a treat.

Each family also had two online videos. For the Allens, that was a 30 second day in the life video on their flower farm and a longer one with some tips on how to make the most of your land. If you want some more tips for your land, check ‘em out here.

To keep the thread of humanity alive throughout the campaign we develeped a completely hand drawn typeface. 

my role: art director
copywriter: Jason Lane
CDs: Mikael Kriisa, Jimmy McDonald
CDs (GATOR only): Rory Jensen, David Ekholm
design: Jivan Davé, Adrian Meadows
GCD: Cory Schearer
agency: EP+Co
director: Kevan Funk
dp: Nate Hurtsellers
color: Mikey Pehanich (Blacksmith)