a Scandinavian style sauna

Saunas, while hugely beneficial to one’s health, are currently financially out of reach for the typical American. IKEA should make one.

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Dr. Rhonda Patrick

A recent study (April 2015) was published in
the Journal JAMA Internal Medicine, which
showed that sauna use was in fact associated with longevity.

The study found that fatal cardiovascular disease was 27% lower for men who use the sauna 2 to 3 times a week and 50% lower for men who used the sauna 4 to 7
times a week compared with men who just
used the sauna once per week.


• muscle gain
• fat loss
• joint pain management
• detoxification
• heart health and longevity
• immune system boost
• skin rejuvination
• better sleep
• increased cardiovascular performance
• increased stress resilience

Sauna and Cardiovascular
Health Project

102 participants with at least 1 risk for heart
disease had a single 30 minute session of

Finnish steam sauna. After the sauna treat-
ment, systolic blood pressure fell from 137
to 130 mmHg and diastolic pressure from
82 to 75 mmHg. Measures of the stiffness
of arteries, using a technique called pulsed
wave velocity I use in my preventive heart
clinic, indicated more flexible arteries after
the sauna therapy.


Blue light around a wavelength of 400nm has been shown to reduce BPM after just a 10 minute exposure.